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Player Evaluation Instructions

We are excited to begin the preparations for the 2020-2021 Wilmington High School hockey season and look forward to joining our returning and new players on the ice this weekend.


In follow-up to the Save-the-Date notice, we want to share more information regarding the player evaluation sessions scheduled for July 19, 2020 at Hess Ice Rink and the upcoming season.


IMPORTANT: The below schedules and instructions are subject to change with little or no notice. As the COVID-19 impact is evolving and uncertain, we too must remain compliant and flexible with current guidance and restrictions.  We will do our best to provide advance notification of any unanticipated changes to the information below.


USA Hockey & WAHA Player Registration:

Before participating in any hockey activities, every player must be registered with USA Hockey and provide a valid registration number. Current (2019-2020) registration will expire July 31 and registration for the 2020-2021 season will be required prior to participation in any activities following that date.


Registration for the 2020-2021 season is now open and can be accessed through this link:


WAHA registration is also required. The Registration Form can be accessed through this link:


Additional Requirements:


  • New WAHA players will need to provide a copy of the player’s birth certificate.


  • Proof of concussion screening OR date the screening will be conducted.


  • A Play-Up Waiver may be required of certain MS players/families. Additional information will be shared at the player evaluation sessions.


  • COVID-19 Participation Waiver


Player Evaluation Session Schedule & Instructions:


Sunday, July 19, 2020


1:00-2:00 PM

Players in 6 – 8th grades AND 9th grade with a birth year of 2006.

  • 9th grade players in this group may be asked to participate in the following evaluation session. Additional instructions will be provided at the conclusion of the session.


2:15-3:15 PM

9th grade players with a birth year of 2005 AND players in 10 – 12th grades.  


Players are asked to arrive no sooner than 15 min. prior to their evaluation session and follow the HESS Ice Rink specific guidance (see below). Players should be dressed and on the ice at the scheduled time.


Returning WAHA players should wear their practice jersey or blue game jersey. New players may wear a dark colored jersey.


Registration & Season Dues:

A $25 registration and $175 commitment fee is due prior to participation in player evaluations. Total season dues and a payment schedule will be calculated upon the completion of evaluations and communicated to all families shortly thereafter.


Payment can be made in the form of one check for $200 total and should be addressed to Wilmington Area Hockey Association (WAHA).


Team Uniforms:

In addition to the standard required protective equipment, each player is required to have the following uniform items prior to participating in a PIHL activity:

Two (2) Team Jerseys (Home & Away)

Two (2) pairs of socks (Home & Away)

One (1) Shell (Junior Varsity & Varsity players; MS optional)


Any player ordering uniforms will need to place the order and submit payment no later than July 22, 2020. Due to the time lost because of COVID-19, we must submit orders quickly.


Uniform orders will not be processed without payment in advance.


The order form and price sheet can be found online at:


Unfortunately, we cannot conduct uniform sizing at this time, but various sized uniform items will be on hand for comparison.


COVID-19 Specific Guidelines:

Please review the COVID 19 specific guidance that applies to WAHA activities:


  • All parties are required to maintain appropriate social distancing recommendations while participating in WAHA activities and while at Hess Ice Rink.  

  • Each player/parent/guardian will be required to complete a Participation Waiver prior to participation in evaluations.

  • Sharing of equipment and water bottles is prohibited.

  • Each player will receive a health screening (i.e. temperature check) prior to entry to the rink.

  • WAHA reserves the right to excuse any player or observer from participation in evaluations if deemed necessary and consistent with current COVID-19 recommendations.


Hess Ice Rink Specific Guidelines:


Arriving at the rink…

  • We recommend players not show up for their ice session earlier than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. Players should show up at the rink dressed as much as possible, thus minimizing time in the locker room and congregating.

  • Enter through the new entrance on the North side of the New Locker Room Building. (Picture attached)

  • Only 1 parent / guardian is permitted in the building per player. Please no siblings or other family members in the rink.

  • Any player or parent who is ill, or has a cough, fever, or trouble breathing must stay home. Hess Ice Rink Management reserves the right to dismiss any individual displaying symptoms.


While at the rink…

  • Social distancing must be observed as much as practical. Please keep 6 feet away from others.

  • Face Masks are recommended at all times except for players and coaches when they are on the ice.

  • Cover coughs and sneezes.

  • Only the north end of the ice arena (Bleacher area) is open to watch practice.

  • Please adhere to any signage, taping or locked doors.  Certain areas are not ready for the public.


Departing the rink…

  • At the end of each ice session, players should undress and exit the locker room and the building within 15 minutes when possible.

  • Upon conclusion of ice session, exit into the rear parking lot on the west side of the new locker room building.


CDC & Pennsylvania Recommendations:


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